Kaspersky Lab Gains Over 500 Japanese RAV Enterprise Clients

03 Oct 2003
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading information security expert, announces an agreement with Promark, a major Japanese IT security solutions supplier, to transfer clients currently using RAV to Kaspersky® Anti-Virus. After the acquisition of RAV's technology by Microsoft on June 10, 2003, the RAV developer announced the cessation of direct sales, further product development, as well as an end to the remittance of database updates beginning from September 2004. Naturally, this news forced RAV users and business partners to search for alternative anti-virus solutions. "Nowadays virus protection is a key for all organizations to work effectively. We value the information security of our clients above all and therefore, we could not risk any intermission in ensuring it," said Mr. Ken K. Katsuta, President of Promark Inc. "From our point of view, RAV no longer provides the necessary commitment to the future. Kaspersky Lab solutions turned out to be an even better solution: the company offers innovative and customisable systems, unsurpassed scanning technology, instant response to new threats, and excellent technical support services." Kaspersky Lab, together with Promark Inc., will be implementing Unix/Linux anti-virus solutions protecting e-mail servers for over 500 companies all over Japan. The client list includes large industrial manufacturers, suppliers of electronic devices and information technologies, telecom and radio broadcasting companies, universities and educational institutions and government organizations. Clients can choose from a wide range of products securing the Unix/Linux environment. Kaspersky Anti-Virus works seamlessly with FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and many other popular versions of Unix. Additionally, it is easily integrated into Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix and Exim e-mail gateways, as well as other application servers. "We are pleased to work with Promark and are confident that our solutions ensure users effective protection against all types of malicious programs," said Daizo Yamaoka, CEO of Kaspersky Lab Japan. "We have an enormous amount of experience implementing comprehensive corporate anti-virus solutions. In addition, the recent hiring of the members of ex-RAV Unix/Linux development team further ensures customers the seamless transition from RAV to Kaspersky Anti-Virus". About Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab is a leading expert in information security offering advanced products against viruses, hacker attacks and spam for a wide spectrum of customers, from home users to enterprise-wide networks. For fourteen years experts at Kaspersky Lab have been monitoring the worldwide virus situation, acquiring the unique experience and technologies that have led to Kaspersky Lab becoming a technology leader in security solutions.