Kaspersky Lab Delivers Virus Defense System For Beijing Union University

08 Apr 2003
Business News

Beijing Union University Client Profile Beijing Union University (BUU) is a comprehensive institution of higher learning consisting of 11 colleges. The university offers more than 70 undergraduate specialties in the fields of humanities, science, engineering, foreign languages, management, teaching, medicine and so on. BUU covers a total area of 280,000 square meters and has a building space of 210,000 square meters. It operates more than 100 various laboratories and has 1.5 million books. BUU has given great attention to academic exchange activities with foreign institutions and has a very friendly relationship with many colleges abroad. Each year foreign experts and teachers are invited to BUU to give lectures on different fields of study. Additionally, many foreign students attend the university. BUU has established a formal sister college relationship with colleges in the United States, Japan and South Korea. The International Program Department (IDP) of BUU provides good conditions to those seeking to study overseas. Construction of Beijing Union University's broadband campus network began in 2002. One of the biggest network service providers in China, China Netcom Corporation LTD., provided the design scheme and implemented it. After investing $2,500,000, the high-speed broadband network was accomplished and already in use in half a year. The completed project covers 9 separate affiliated campuses, 11 computer laboratories, 80 servers, 2 mail servers and nearly 10,000 University information nodes. The new highly efficient and fast network is, however, a source of hidden troubles related to security. The security consciousness of campus network subscribers is not up to par. Often network speed is slowed down and traffic becomes jammed due to viruses, and thus the problem leads to a huge waste of bandwidth. Additionally, the wide coverage of Beijing Union University's campus network makes it difficult to operate a centrally operated network management center. In response to this problem, Beijing Union University decided to purchase a network anti-virus solution and to optimize the security of their network. A public tender was begun to find the right solution partner. The bidding process resulted in three well-known anti-virus software corporations, all with extensive experience on the Chinese market, Trend Micro, Symantec, and Kaspersky Lab, getting the opportunity to submit their full network anti-virus system solutions. Kaspersky Lab, together with its official partner in China, Beijing Glory Sun, developed the superior architectural solution in addition to offering the best system maintenance service package and in doing so won the tender. Prior to project implementation, Beijing Glory Sun experts gave a series of technical lectures and consulted with the staff members of the University Network Center to bring network administrators up to speed on both human and technical network security issues and to ensure that the staff fully understood how to best use the centralized anti-virus management system. Since implementation of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus system the University reports a great improvement in the network security level. The university's network is now entirely monitored by the anti-virus solution. 'Beijing Glory Sun's technicians have earned an excellent reputation as a result of their impressively high technical skill level, efficiency and top-quality work', said Beijing Union University's Network Project Manager, Professor Liancheng Zhang. The implementation of Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus network solutions at Beijing Union University has greatly enhanced and promoted the status of Kaspersky Lab on the local market to go along with the company's high reputation on the Chinese anti-virus software market. The high profile project at BUU will no doubt pave the way for Kaspersky Lab to continue its strides into the Chinese network security market.