Kaspersky Guards the Zoo for BlackSpider

01 Aug 2003
Business News

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Chosen by BlackSpider Technologies as Part of New Anti-Virus Service 30th July 2003 Culham Innovation Centre, UK - Kaspersky Lab, an international data security software developer, has announced a new partnership with BlackSpider Technologies, a managed services provider of e-mail security solutions, to incorporate Kaspersky® Anti-Virus into BlackSpider's managed service that protects companies against all e-mail-based security threats. The decision to incorporate Kaspersky Lab' technology was taken as a result of detailed research and testing of all the anti-virus solutions available on the global market. BlackSpider provides 24x7 management of a compound solution of the worlds leading anti-virus solutions and its own proprietary technology. This outsourced model offers companies the ultimate protection against e-mail threats, without the need to buy, manage and maintain any in-house hardware and software. 'Much of Kaspersky Lab' research work is based around reducing the so called 'window of exposure' - the time it takes us to release the appropriate definitions and blocks when new viruses are released. Though our heuristic analysers are extremely efficient at detecting unknown viruses, keeping the window of exposure to a minimum is paramount, particularly when it is a new breed of virus that has the potential to become an epidemic,' explains Sveta Ivanova, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab UK. 'BlackSpider's round-the-clock managed service ensures that their customers get the full value of our efforts and that their anti-virus protection is always up to date.' Kaspersky Lab was chosen as one of the key elements of BlackSpider's service because of the company's proven superiority in dealing with so called 'future viruses' - potential new virus forms not yet released on the Internet. With Kaspersky Lab' large research presence, BlackSpider also believed it could offer significant advantages for the speed and capability of handling new threats originating from any part of the world. 'Whilst Kaspersky Lab is the newest of the vendor solutions incorporated into BlackSpider's service, our research indicates that they offer a vital value-add,' comments John Cheney, managing director of BlackSpider Technologies. 'We believe Kaspersky's forward-thinking focus on potential virus threats not yet 'released in the wild' gives their technology the edge in terms of future proofing. The speed with which they reacted against the recent 'Tanatos.b' and 'Sobig.c' viruses bears this out.' About BlackSpider BlackSpider Technologies is a managed services provider focused exclusively on the provision of e-mail security solutions. Its portfolio of 'MailControl' services provides customers with unprecedented protection from e-mail borne threats such as viruses, pornography and unsolicited junk e-mail (spam). The effortless service counters these increasingly complex threats to security and productivity with no need for in-house hardware and software. BlackSpider's team of industry experts provide the ultimate evolving mix of proprietary and best-of-breed technology, giving superior email security at reduced cost.