A New Virtual Adventure!

17 Apr 2003
Business News

Virus Hunter 2 is now online

Kaspersky Lab announces the release of "Virus Hunter 2", the second version of the popular online game. In addition to nasty computer viruses players are immersed in a dramatic and intense battle with other virtual violators of the peace, such as obtrusive spammers and cunning hackers. Virus Hunter 2 gives players a great opportunity to retaliate and pay back the game's assortment of repugnant characters for any moral or material damages suffered at their hands.

To defeat the enemy you need more than just your bare hands, to help you win the battle, Kaspersky Lab has developed a new set of weapons that leave the enemy no chance to survive! As in the previous version of Virus Hunter, winning at the new game brings material advantages. When a player collects enough points to permit them to push on to each new level, they will gain the opportunity to get Kaspersky Lab products at significant discounts from our online store. Available discounts range from 10% to 25%.

Virus Hunter 2 consists of 4 levels, each enhanced by a thrilling soundtrack of super modern new age music and rich, inviting graphics. Players can start battling computer 'nasties' at any level of their choosing.

Level 1 - Confront viruses armed with the most dependable means for destructing harmful code - Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal Pro. According to score results, players are presented with a 15% or 25% discount coupon.

Level 2 - Repel hacker attacks with the leading personal firewall - Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker. Discounts range from 15%-25%.

Level 3 - Escape dreaded spammers with the powerful email filtration solution - Kaspersky® Anti-Spam. Discounts range from 15%-25% toward the purchase of the network version of this product.

Level 4 - Bonuses! To access this level players must enter the code from a 25% discount coupon won from a one of the prior three levels. The bonus level prize is a 30% discount coupon toward the purchase of any Kaspersky Lab product.

Please Note! The players getting the highest scores will be included in the "TOP-20" list placed on the Kaspersky Lab Web site. Members of this elite group will compete for additional prizes!

Update 05.10.2006: This game in no longer available.