Super Defense for Palm OS!

15 Apr 2002
Business News

Kaspersky Lab presents Kaspersky® Palm Security, a full-scale defense for Palm OS Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software developer, announces the release of Kaspersky® Security for Palm OS, the world's first full-scale defense system for handhelds and mobile devices operating on Palm OS. At the moment, Palm OS is one of the most widespread platforms, with more than 16 million users around the world preferring this operating system. This system is utilized in Palm, Handspring Visor, Sony Clie, HandEra, Symbol, and Supra handhelds and also in Kyocera and Samsung cell phones. At the same time, Palm-devices are actively used for storing important confidential information of different types varying from personal address books to top-secret contracts/agreements and sensitive financial records. It is clear that this information is constantly subject to the risk of being destroyed or stolen in the case of loss or attack by malicious programs. Unfortunately, standard security measures available in the system by default do not correspond with contemporary defense needs for personal and corporate information, requiring perfecting. In order to remedy this problem, Kaspersky Lab has specifically developed a full-scale defense suite for Palm-device defense. The suite provides reliable control over third-party access to a protected device, averting possible information leakage (Kaspersky Security for Palm OS) and thwarting virus attacks (Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Palm OS). Kaspersky Security for Palm OS is comprised of two functioning modules that are fully compatible with a Palm OS Security standard utility. The first module controls access to a device using a reliable password structure on the system level. The high effectiveness achieved via the use of the powerful cryptographic HASH function MD-5 is vastly superior in reliability than similar technology available in Palm-devices alone. For extra defense, a series of additional features have been integrated: password deletion from the system memory after loading; a user-defined automatic-blocking mode; a function for thwarting unauthorized access (also via a debugging mode); and a hidden password-entry mode. An optional Extra Security feature provides an increased protection against unauthorized access. By using this feature, data on a Palm-device is automatically destroyed following the third incorrect password-entry attempt. The second module included in Kaspersky Security for Palm OS is for authorized access on the application level using encrypted data. In this way, any attempt at accessing information by bypassing a password is thwarted (for example, by hooking up a memory chip to another Palm-device). For extra defense, Kaspersky Security deciphers data only upon program start-up, after which, in real time, it enciphers data once again. The data-protection function can be activated for either all or user-defined applications. Upon user request, XOR or RC 4 encryption algorithms can be chosen. The first delivers quick working speed, while the second increases data protection while slightly slowing down a Palm-device. RC 4 is currently one of the most reliable encryption algorithms that has thus far displayed an inability to being hacked, making it widely used and de facto one of the information-protection standards. In future Kaspersky Security for Palm OS versions, an embedded information enciphering extension card, the installation of specific passwords for each application, control over the use of the infrared port (IrDA), special features for centralized network control over Palm-device defense, an alternative means for password entry, and an expanding of the encryption algorithm card are planned for inclusion. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Palm OS delivers excellent defense for Palm-devices against malicious programs. The program features anti-virus filtration, including data-storages scanning (also extension card), and a virus interceptor for HotSync and Beam data-transmission technologies. The current product version has an added perfected-scanning function for extension cards, increased program working speed thanks to the optimized technology scanning of objects, and an embedded module for automatic anti-virus database updates integrated into the Kaspersky Control Center. "This unique defense system for Palm-devices-practically excluding the possibility of unwanted access to mobile phones or handhelds-gives users a high level of data confidentiality and protection against malicious programs," said Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications at Kaspersky Lab. The suggested retail price for Kaspersky Security for Palm OS is US$19.95 (EUR 22,69). You can buy it here. From April 15th through June 15th all Internet purchasers of Kaspersky Security for Palm OS will receive free of charge Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Palm OS. What the experts say about Kaspersky Security for Palm OS "Kaspersky Security for Palm OS is a powerful and easy-to-use software effectively substituting the standard Palm security utility, which proved to be extremely vulnerable. 'Extracting' information from a password-protected Palm is a trivial task not only for a specialist, but also for any experienced user. Kaspersky Security affords for practically a full solution to this problem, covering not only the obvious penetration points, but also several not-so-trivial breaches." Oleg Lebedev
Test expert for PC Magazine/RE Test Lab
"We got great satisfaction from interacting with the authors during testing this program. Kaspersky Lab' developers were very accommodating with their patience, responding decisively to every one of the testers' remarks, among which, naturally, were subjective, personal wishes based on the testers' own understandings of what information defense is. This, first of all, says that Kaspersky developers did not simply wish to test the reliability of their product, but also strove to create a program that would be useful and convenient for most Palm-device users regardless of their varying demands." Andrei Andreev
Petr Volkov
Association of Mobile-Device Users
Moscow Palm Club
"It's not a secret that many users today entrust their handheld and portable devices with their most valued information, from credit-card numbers to internal corporate information valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's also no secret that the built-in Palm OS defense is inadequate in providing the necessary level of data protection. In connection with this, Kaspersky Security for Palm OS has been developed and released, providing reliable protection for data and limited access to private information stored on hand-held and mobile devices. This is another step towards the normal use of this means of communication. I hope that the new Kaspersky Lab' product justifies trusting its developers and becomes a guarantor of "mobile security" for pocket-device users." Oleg Krulikovsky
Internet Project Director
PalmQ Online