Reliable Enterprise Protection

16 May 2002
Business News

Kaspersky Lab unveils a new version of their network protection products for small, mid-size and large enterprises. Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software developer, announces the official launch of a new version for its network protecting anti-virus software products - Kaspersky Anti-virus Business Optimal 4.0 and Kaspersky Anti-virus Corporate Suit 4.0. Kaspersky Anti-virus Business Optimal 4.0 was developed specifically for battling viruses of all types on small to mid-size networks and represents a solution that accounts for all possible demands in anti-virus protection. Three main aims of this solution are: comprehensive virus protection, providing a powerful means of centralized management and the minimization of costs by eliminating the need to obtain any other information security software. Kaspersky Anti-virus Business Optimal 4.0 supports a whole range of operating systems and applications intended for use by small and mid-size businesses. "Thanks to its flexible modular architecture customers have the ability to independently choose which anti-virus components they require (the protection of workstations, servers, e-mail gateways) and to what extent. In this way it is possible to achieve maximum conformity with network demands and thereby minimize resource waste", said Leonid Reznik, Kaspersky Lab Strategic Marketing Director. Kaspersky Anti-virus Corporate Suite 4.0 is a comprehensive, multi-platform solution created to establish a centralized information security system. It is intended for use in networks of any complexity and configuration and will work with any OS platform or system applications. Along with delivery of this product Kaspersky Lab is able to provide additional services such as corporate network configuration analysis, installation and system maintenance, as well as the possibility to develop and implement an appropriate information security policy. Kaspersky Anti-virus Suite 4.0 takes into account that corporate customers, as a rule, already use information security systems. An inherent characteristic of the Kaspersky products is its advanced capability to integrate with already existing applications to provide a complete end solution that is fully compatible with each customer's needs. Both Kaspersky Anti-virus Business Optimal 4.0 and Anti-virus Corporate Suite 4.0 have been infused with all preceding anti-virus technologies, ensuring the reliable and effective protection of corporate networks. A unique modular architecture and features such as convenient centralized installation and management allow system administrators to create optimal information security systems in the shortest possible time by making it possible to centrally update virus databases as well as new versions of program components on all computers in the corporate network. Centralized management establishes the most efficient means of reacting to new viruses that may require the update of existing or the addition of new anti-virus modules. The new version of Kaspersky Anti-virus Business Optimal 4.0 and Anti-virus Corporate Suite 4.0 represents an increase in the number of supported platforms. The list of operating systems now supported is: Microsoft Windows XP, OpenBSD and the e-mail system - Exim. Other innovations include: a completely renovated user interface employing "Tree Chart" methodology, an improved installation system, the ability to keep the settings of previously installed versions, an isolation mechanism that quarantines infected and suspicious objects, additional functions improving coordination with Microsoft Outlook Express and e-mail objects, launching during OS loading, active application memory checking of and a simplified disk recovery procedure. In addition there is enhanced anti-virus protection for Linux/UNIX, a specially re-worked graphical user interface that permits the removal of existing settings and allows system management from any web-browser ("Web-Tuner") and an increased capability to expose alterations in system files and directories ("Inspector"). You may acquire Kaspersky Anti-virus Business Optimal 4.0 through the Kaspersky Lab partner network. Any questions regarding the obtainment of the Kaspersky Corporate Suite can be posed directly to Kaspersky Lab' central office.