Kaspersky Lab - A Team of Professionals

26 Jun 2002
Business News

One of the largest Russian publishing house 'Kommersant' and the Association of Russian Managers have published a rating of the leading directors and top managers representing companies is all fields of Russian industry. Kaspersky Lab professionals occupy high positions in each nomination category. In addition to distinguishing the top 1000 Russian entrepreneurs and businessmen, the study also rates the professionalism of directors representing four main business areas: Finance, Commerce, Human Resources and Information Technology. The rating system identified 19 industries and 79 sub-industries. Manager professionalism was judged using 22 parameters and as an indicator of their activity an index was used which measured how often managers were mentioned or quoted in Russian printed media. Final rating results identified candidates in the following groups: The Top 100 and Categories A, B, C and D. The results confirmed the high level of professionalism of Kaspersky Lab managers. Securing high places in the prestigious study were: Category 'A' - Vsevolod Ivanov, Director of Sales and Marketing and Leonid Reznik, Strategic Marketing Director and Natalya Kaspersky, Chief Executive Officer. Category 'B' - Eugene Bouyakin, Chief Financial Officer and Ekaterina Dmitrieva, Human Resource Director. The study's objectiveness in terms of the selection process and the handling of information gathered was overseen and confirmed by the international auditing firm Deloitte and Touche. Further details about rating results can be found here.