Kaspersky Anti-Virus in Italy

01 Feb 2002
Business News

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro takes part in tests conducted by two popular Italian magazines With the new year just a month old, two popular Italian computer publications, PC Magazine and PC Open, have conducted anti-virus tests on Italian version of KasperskyT Anti-Virus Personal Pro. In the final tally, the two publications independently confirmed the high quality and reliability available in the Kaspersky Lab anti-virus solution. For the purposes of testing, the editors at PC Open and PC Magazine chose KLs' anti-virus version for experienced home users, KasperskyT Anti-Virus Personal Pro that was introduced on the Italian market this past autumn.As a result of the tests conducted, the January edition of PC Magazine/Italia published a detailed review of KasperskyT Anti-Virus, particularly noting the variety of additional features contained in Personal Pro: Office Guard's 100% protection against macro-viruses and Script Checker's reliable defense against script viruses; Control Center's user-friendly anti-virus set-up utilities; and Rescue Kit, a unique recovery system for returning a computer to proper operating form in the event of a virus attack. The editors at PC Magazine declared KasperskyT Anti-Virus Personal Pro as, "guaranteeing the optimal level of safety and defense against various types of virus attacks." The PC Open (in the February 2002 edition) test lab also praised KasperskyT Anti-Virus. Following the testing of six companies' anti-virus programs-Trend Micro, Panda, McAfee, F-Secure, Norton, and Kaspersky Lab-KasperskyT Anti-Virus Personal Pro was awarded the distinction, "Recommended by PC OPEN - LabQ Test." Personal Pro's ease-of-installation, frequent anti-virus database updates, and flexible set-up were noted amongst the program's advantages.