ICSA Extends Kaspersky Lab' Certification

29 Mar 2002
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading international data-security software developer, announces the prolongation of its prestigious International Computer Security Association (ICSA) certification for its Windows 2000 anti-virus solutions. The results of vigorous tests conducted by ICSA confirm Kaspersky Anti-Virus software's compliance with the very highest world-class standards and have earned Kaspersky Lab the renewal of its certification. ICSA is a respected authority in the field of information security software testing and certification. The association works to help computer users navigate the diverse offerings available in information security software by ensuring the highest quality in the products it selects to certify. Kaspersky Lab' products have successfully met the standards of ICSA certification starting from the company's inception in 1997. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 2000 offers solutions for all user categories including: home, small and middle size business and corporate. For a look at the full list of certified software products offered by Kaspersky Lab please click here.