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15 Nov 2002
Business News

Kaspersky Lab offers an additional service for customers in the U.S. Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software developer, announces an enhancement to the services offered to its customers in the U.S. In addition to the traditional free-of-charge 24-hour technical support via email there is now a toll-free technical support phone number. Thanks to this new service, every legally licensed user at any time is able to immediately receive free telephone consultations from Kaspersky Lab experts who will answer all questions regarding anti-virus security, as well as solve any technical problems of any complexity. The new service is reached at 1 800 803 2152 when dialing from within the U.S. In addition, customers in the U.S. also have access to 24-hour technical support via an additional email address. As always Kaspersky Lab also guarantees free-of-charge, 24-hour technical support in English to all our customers the world over. As before, this service is available via email at