Web Master, Have You Installed Kaspersky VirusInformer?

16 Aug 2001
Business News

The latest about computer viruses could be at your Web-site visitors' finger-tips

Do you want to "unveil" your Web site and attract the most visitors as possible? The best way of achieving this is to make your site interesting, and what interests visitors the most nowadays is the problem of computer viruses.

The Kaspersky VirusInformer system provides the opportunity to set-up configurable information blocks on a Web site free of charge, containing the latest news from the world of computer viruses. The main feature of these blocks is the automatic updates - you simply place the special HTML code on your Web pages, and they will be regularly updated as the most up-to-date information appears.

You may choose from four different types of information blocks:

  • the latest Kaspersky Lab' news
  • the latest Kaspersky Virus Encyclopedia news
  • the 10 most actively spreading viruses

The Kaspersky VirusInformer information blocks system is easy to set-up in accordance with your desired Web-site design. The set-up parameters include choosing any color from the block elements, block size, and the number of displayed sections, allowing for limited new creation that is blended into the existing design according to color scale and maximum information, which is ideal for every Web site.

Start working with Kaspersky VirusInformer this very moment!

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