Kaspersky and Internet Portal Rambler Battle Viruses Together

20 Aug 2001
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software developer and Russia's largest Internet-Holding, Rambler, have teamed up to provide a new online service on the Rambler.ru portal base called Rambler Anti-Virus (http://www.antivirus.rambler.ru).

Users are given the opportunity to check, online, for the presence of computer viruses on local files by using Kaspersky Anti-virus. In addition to this, a thematic actual-information channel is in operation with links to helpful resources that allow for the effective downloading of the anti-virus program when necessary.

First and foremost, Rambler Anti-Virus is an emergency means for those who have not yet installed the necessary virus defense on their computers. Anti-Virus is not only a network service, it is also able to check any file on an individual computer; furthermore, it is possible to check archives located in catalogues and attachments sent via e-mail.

What files are considered suspicious? "Any files arriving via e-mail," answered Anton Dergobuzov, Rambler Project Director. "Especially if they have arrived from unknown users. In general, any files that are not from a totally reliable source. It is also worth checking the programs in the Windows system catalogue from time to time. Unfortunately, there isn't any universal defense. The only true solution is to trust the effectiveness of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Rambler, buy a year's subscription and install one of the anti-virus packages on your computer."

The anti-virus database is updated daily; therefore, no viruses go unnoticed or undetected, even the latest viruses, which have only just begun their spreading via the Net.

Eleanora Boss, Director for Kaspersky Lab Internet Solutions, commented on the project's advent: "The creation of the anti-virus service, open to all on the Internet, should not be underestimated, especially since the project is connected to the recent activity of several viruses on the Net that have caused a serious disturbance in the press and computer world. In general, such a service today is unique. We are very glad that Rambler has chosen Kaspersky Anti-Virus as its service 'engine,' and we hope our collaboration for the sake of users will broaden."

About Rambler Internet Holding:

Rambler is the only Russian Internet portal that combines a search system, rating classifier, and a line of free services and information projects. Portal resources register more than 3.5 million hits every 24 hours, and monthly use comprises 60-70% of Russia's Internet users. In 2000, Rambler entered the international Internet market by opening its information search system in Germany and Bulgaria.

About Kaspersky Lab:

Kaspersky Lab Ltd. is a privately-owned, international, data-security software-development company with offices in Moscow (Russia), Cambridge (United Kingdom) and Pleasanton (United States). Founded in 1997, Kaspersky Lab concentrates its efforts on the development, marketing and distribution of leading-edge information security technologies and computer software.

Contact Information:

Kaspersky Lab
Andrei Yarnykh,
Partner Affiliate Program Coordinator
E-mail: andrew_y@kaspersky.com
���.: +7 (095) 797-87-00

Rambler Internet Holding
Anton Dergobuzov,
Project Director, Rambler Computers
E-mail: dean@rambler-co.ru
���.: +7 (095) 745 36 19