Kaspersky Lab Signs a General Agreement to Deliver Anti-Virus Solutions for Central Bank of Russia

30 Jan 2001
Business News

Cambridge, UK, January 31, 2001 - Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software-development company, announces the formation of a long-term general agreement with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to provide the largest Russian governmental financial organization with global virus protection for the Central Bank's country-wide corporate network.

The Central Bank is the sole issuing center and the body of banking regulation and supervision in the Russian Federation. Today, the organization's structure comprises 25 functional departments, 78 regional branches, 1,881 monetary centers and many other subdivisions. The Bank employs a total of more than 50,000 people throughout the country who ensure round-the-clock, trouble-free operation of the country's credit and monetary system. The Central Bank's successful performance of its duties determines the economic security of the whole country. In addition, information technology is a sufficient part of the organization's day-to-day work, as all of its departments are fully computerized; thus, determining the highest requirements for data-security and virus protection of sensitive computer data. Kaspersky Anti-Virus has been chosen as the one most able to fulfil these requirements.

As a part of the general agreement, Kaspersky Lab has completed the development of a highly customized hardware-software solution for the protection of the Central Bank's enterprise-wide network against malicious code. The agreement also implies that within 5 years, Kaspersky Lab will be providing anti-virus defense for the Bank's structure within the whole territory of the Russian Federation, as well as for the Bank's staff's home computers. The delivery of the anti-virus software is performed according to the open license scheme, as in the course of time the number of licenses could vary according to the growing requirements of the Central Bank.

The Kaspersky Anti-Virus Corporate Suite, which includes the company's entire spectrum of anti-virus software, will now be guarding the Bank's workstations, file and application servers, e-mail gateways, firewalls and Web servers. The corporate network will be protected by all the modern cutting-edge anti-virus technologies, including on-demand and on-access scanners, integrity checkers, behavior blockers and real-time e-mail filters. Support for the wide range of platforms and applications as well as the powerful means for centralized deployment and control over the network's virus protection allow for fast and painless integration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus into the Central Bank's structure. Also, Kaspersky Lab will be providing round-the-clock technical support to assist the Bank's engineers at any time of the day.

"We are excited that the Central Bank has chosen Kaspersky Lab's superior technology and support. This is the most illustrative example that Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the ideal choice for corporate virus defense for networks of any scale and complexity," said Oleg Panarin, Head of Domestic Sales for Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus can be purchased in Kaspersky Lab online store or from a worldwide network of Kaspersky Anti-Virus distributors and resellers.