Kaspersky Lab Now Has a Web Site for German Speakers!

22 Mar 2001
Business News

Kaspersky Lab, a world leader in data-security software development, announces the opening of our latest site designed for German-speaking users. In order to access the site, just click here www.kaspersky.com/de.

Now German speakers have the opportunity of familiarizing themselves with the latest computer virus news and anti-virus information, and also to find out about recent KL developments. In addition to this, German-speaking users are offered the chance to sign up in order to receive virus warnings, new product-release announcements from Kaspersky Lab, and other news via e-mail - all available in a user's native German.

The new German-language site, which is directly supported and updated regularly by Kaspersky Lab, contains the exact same material that has been available on our English- and Russian-language sites for 4 years.

"Germany and German-speaking countries are a main priority in the Kaspersky Lab plan of increasing the presence of our programming products in foreign markets; therefore, the opening of the German-language site presents itself as a giant step towards achieving this goal by providing direct information and announcements available in the user's native language," stated Natalya Kaspersky, company CEO. "We hope that German speakers will like the site, that has been specifically unveiled in time for the world's largest computer exhibition, CeBIT, which currently is being held in Hannover, Germany."