Kaspersky Lab Introduces a Corporate-Solutions Department

17 Jul 2001
Business News

Kaspersky Lab Continues to Concentrate its Efforts on the Corporate Market

Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software-development company, announces the opening of the Corporate Solutions department with the sole purpose of delivering ready-made information security solutions for large corporate customers.

"The opening of this corporate solutions department is one of Kaspersky Lab' long-awaited and planned developments. The importance of this structure is determined by the furthering of our concentration on large corporate users. This step is the advent of solidifying Kaspersky Lab' position in the current market," said Vsevolod Ivanov, Sales and Marketing Director for Kaspersky Lab.

The specifics of the corporate market determine most of all the necessity of developing a ready-made information security solution for corporate customers that is ideally integrated into the strength of a corporate network, excluding any interference with their functioning. Along with this, the computer infrastructure of an up-to-date company is an intricate system that demands close attention and professional care.

"We have particular experience in providing end solutions for corporate users. Amongst our customers are the Russian Central Bank, the Tatneft oil company, the Savings Bank of Ukraine and many other well-known companies as the aforementioned. The success of these projects proves that Kaspersky Lab is prepared to expand its presence on the market, and to introduce companies to the best data-security solution available," said Eugene Preobrazhensky, Corporate Solutions Director for Kaspersky Lab.

The latest structure will demonstrate to users the full range of services delivered by the ready-made solution. As determined by client demand, Kaspersky Lab offers a wide range of consulting services, including investigating and analysis of specific-point penetration services, software customization for specialized customer requirements, and network testing. Kaspersky Lab also provides installation and information security system set-up services, customer training, 24-hour technical support and specialist dispatching. As a result, a customer receives an end solution, the maximum system necessities, and specific business conduct.

Especially for large corporate clients, Kaspersky Lab has developed KasperskyTM Corporate Suite in which is reflected the specific-information security introduction in a corporate network. The basis of the current anti-virus is portability and integration: it is installed with multi-platform workstations, file and application servers, e-mail gateways, firewalls and Web servers, and supports all of the most popular operating systems. Kaspersky Corporate Suite can be seamlessly integrated in an existing system and set-up according to specific user tasks.

The new corporate-sales strategy is also a call for a new status for Kaspersky Lab' partners: Corporate Solution Providers and System Integrators. The high demand for quality personnel preparation and preparedness leads to large projects as presented to this partner level and must provide even deeper Kaspersky Lab's product penetration on the corporate-solutions market.