Oilmen protected by Kaspersky Lab Int.

09 Oct 2000
Business News

Cambridge, UK, October 10, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int., an international anti-virus software development company, announces that one of Europe's largest oil companies, TatNeft (AO) (www.tatneft.ru), has chosen a comprehensive anti-virus security solution from Kaspersky Lab based on the AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) suite. This was done in order to protect the company's global corporate network against malware attacks.

TatNeft (AO) TatNeft (AO) is a leading Russian gas-and-oil company, carrying out a wide range of activities from oil founding-and-drilling to processing, and the marketing and sales of petrochemicals. The company's cumulative production of raw oil for the month of January 2000 amounted to 2,680 billion tons, making it the fourth largest Russian oil company. On a global scale, TatNeft (AO) is ranked 30th on the oil-producers list, and 8th by the volume of its explored oil reserves. The company owns more than 100 oilfields in Russia, and one of them, "Romashkinskoe" is known to be one of the biggest in the world. TatNeft (AO) was founded in 1950, and now possesses considerable production and technological potential. From the very beginning, the company has successfully combined the latest technological achievements and smart management, and today has become Russia's most advanced oil enterprise.

When choosing anti-virus software, TatNeft (AO) was seeking a highly reliable, fault-tolerant and cross-platform solution accompanied by first-class, round-the-clock technical support and personal customer care. Kaspersky Lab AVP has demonstrated its perfect product for meeting all of these requirements.

Kaspersky Lab will deliver AVP Platinum to guard all workstations within the TatNeft (AO) corporate network. Powered by a new version of Network Control Centre, AVP 3.5 enables fast and painless deployment and centralised control of the corporate anti-virus protection across the entire network. In addition, AVP for Exchange will be installed on TatNeft's e-mail gateways to repel all virus attacks coming through e-mail.

Kaspersky Lab will be providing users with free daily, weekly and cumulative anti-virus database updates; free program upgrades; free round-the-clock technical support and free emergency cure production within 24 hours.

"This won't be our last experience in providing oil companies with anti-virus protection. Previous examples include large world-oil-market players such as LUKOil, Slavneft, Siberian Oil Company, Tiumen Oil Company and others," said Den Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications for Kaspersky Lab. "It shows our products' high quality and proves that they are perfectly designed to protect corporate networks of any scale."

For more details about Kaspersky Lab anti-virus technology, or if you would like to buy AVP, please contact your nearest Kaspersky Lab partner.

AntiViral Toolkit Pro also can be purchased in the Kaspersky Lab online store.