Meet Kaspersky Lab Int. at COMDEX/Fall 2000!

29 Oct 2000
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Meet Kaspersky Lab at COMDEX/Fall 2000!

We would be happy to see you at our booth at COMDEX/Fall 2000 - the largest IT exhibition in the United States. Don't forget to set aside time to visit us!

November 13-17
Booth # L 4820 / South Hall
Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

Some excellent reason why you should visit Kaspersky Lab at COMDEX/Fall 2000

Some excellent reasons why you should visit Kaspersky Lab at COMDEX/Fall 2000:
  1. Save 30% on Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) - the software chosen by professionals worldwide! You will get a special discount coupon.
  2. Receive a FREE Kaspersky Lab T-shirt! Just fill in this questionnaire, print it and bring it back to us at our stand. You can also complete the questionnaire directly at the booth.
  3. Receive a CD with a FREE copy of the new Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) Lite 3.5.
  4. Experience a live virus attack and learn the best way to repel it.
  5. Find out about the latest news in the battle between evil viruses and victorious anti-viruses! Keep yourself posted!
  6. Attend the regular presentations taking place every hour, and find out the truth about real virus threats and methods of virus countermeasures.
  7. Take part in numerous instant lotteries to win more Kaspersky Lab prizes! A correct answer during the presentations could win you a FREE Kaspersky Lab umbrella, CD holder, bandanna and a lot of other stuff!
  8. Meet the world's most professional anti-virus team. In person!
Don't miss out on these excellent opportunities! Make your trip to Las Vegas an unforgettable experience, learn how to protect yourself against computer viruses and win some prizes and save 30% on your PC virus protection in the process!
Kaspersky Lab Team