Kaspersky Lab's AntiViral Toolkit Pro achieves Anti-Virus Checkmark Level 2

03 Apr 2000
Business News

Cambridge, UK, April 4, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int., a fast-growing international anti-virus software development company, inform that their flagship anti-virus product AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) has received Anti-Virus Checkmark Level 2 certification. Together with Anti-Virus Checkmark Level 1 and the Trojan Checkmark the certification system is maintained by the world leading certification organisation West Coast Labs. To understand the Checkmark system and to obtain the latest certification test status please visit www.check-mark.com.

Anti Virus Level 2 certification confirms that the certified anti-virus product is capable not only for detecting all "in-the-wild" viruses, but also to successfully remove them as well. The emphasis is placed upon the quality of virus removal during which disinfected files have to keep their functionality. Besides, AVP has stood the proof for false alarms test. Not even one cleaned file has been identified as infected.

"West Coast Labs' certification system is very useful for computer users, because it shows the opinion of an independent organisation how different anti-virus products face the highest standards of the computer security industry. We are delighted that our products have achieved a full certification line from this authoritative research and test centre. This confirms the world-class quality and reliability of our anti-virus solutions," - said Eugene Kaspersky, Head of anti-virus research at Kaspersky Lab.

"Kaspersky Lab have work hard and speedily to bring their product up to a standard that has achieved all three relevant Checkmarks, that is Anti-Virus Level 1, Anti-Virus Level 2 and the Trojan Checkmark. We are delighted with these achievements and it certainly demonstrates Kaspersky Lab's commitment to produce a quality product" said Paul Robinson Technical Director West Coast Labs.