Kaspersky Lab's AVP is winning in Germany

13 Mar 2000
Business News

German computer magazine PC Welt recommends AVP among 16 anti-virus products

In result of a comparative test carried out in the beginning of March by the world leading test centre AV-TEST (www.av-test.com) and published by one of the most authoritative German computer magazine PC WELT (www.pcwelt.de), Kaspersky Lab's AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) was rated one of the best anti-virus product available.

PCWELT PC WELT focused its attention on testing the following features: virus detection and disinfection rate of anti-virus scanner (on-demand scanner) and anti-virus monitor (on-access scanner), ability for virus search inside archived and packed files as well as scanning speed.

According to a cumulative summary AVP achieved the best results, outrunning such competitors as Norton AntiVirus, McAfee VirusScan, Sophos Anti-Virus, PC Cillin, Panda AntiVirus, InoculateIT, Norman Virus Control, Aladdin eSafe, Command AntiVirus and other.