Kaspersky Lab Introduces an Anti-Virus Solution for Lotus Notes/Domino

20 Dec 2000
Business News

The Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) beta-version for Lotus Notes/Domino is released

Cambridge, UK, December 21, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int., an international data-security software-development company, announces the beta-version release of its flagship anti-virus product, Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP), for Lotus Notes/Domino e-mail gateways running on the Linux or Windows NT operating system.

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) for Lotus Notes/Domino provides enterprise-wide networks with virus protection for incoming and outgoing external and internal e-mail traffic. After installation on the gateway, the program enables real-time, centralised anti-virus filtering and disinfection of e-mail messages from all types of computer malware; i.e., before an infected message reaches the recipient on a client computer.

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) for Lotus Notes/Domino reliably controls all elements of an e-mail message: the message body; attached files (including archived and compressed files); and other messages of any nesting level are automatically checked for viruses. In this way, the program detects viruses in any part of a message, leaving viruses no chance of entering your network.

In case a virus is detected, Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) prevents the message from being delivered to a recipient, and sends out notifications about the incident to both the sender and recipient. The program's flexible configuration allows for deletion, blocking, quarantining or curing of malware so that the recipient within your network receives only cleansed messages. In addition, even if a virus has penetrated a workstation from another source other than e-mail, Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) stops the virus from spreading by means of e-mail, notifying the network engineer about the incident.

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) also supports centralised deployment and remote control, using the standard Lotus Notes/Domino built-in features.

"Today, e-mail has become the main source for virus propagation. This is the reason for the company's main priorities - the development of reliable and cost-effective anti-virus defence systems integrated into e-mail gateways and e-mail clients," said Vsevolod Ivanov, Kaspersky Lab Marketing Director. "The existing product line already includes integrated virus protection for Microsoft Exchange Server, Sendmail, Qmail gateways and MAPI-clients such as Outlook and Exchange Client. The release of Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) for Lotus Notes/Domino continues our intended course and confirms our commitment to providing customers with comprehensive anti-virus solutions and supporting a wide range of platforms for corporate networks of any scale."

Kaspersky Lab encourages all concerned parties to join the Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) for Lotus Notes/Domino beta-testing team. If you are interested in becoming a beta-tester, please contact us at support@kaspersky.com.

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus (AVP) can be purchased in Kaspersky Lab online store.