Kaspersky Lab Int. to Protect the Ural Electric Power Pools Against Computer Viruses

16 Jul 2000
Business News

Cambridge, UK, July 17, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int., an international anti-virus software development company, and its official representative in Ural region (Russian Federation), "Prime-Paragon", announce that as a result of multi-round negotiations the Ural Electric Power Pools has chosen Kaspersky Lab's comprehensive anti-virus defence system, based on AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP), to protect its networks in the Ural and Tiumen regions. Kaspersky Lab will provide anti-virus software for 2500 workstations and 150 servers.

According to the agreement Kaspersky Lab will deliver a total of 2650 licenses for a 1 year subscription to AVP Corporate Suite, which includes a comprehensive multi-level anti-virus solution for enterprises with regional offices and remote branches. It consists of anti-virus software for all sensitive areas of a corporate network: workstations (DOS, Windows, Linux, OS/2, MS Office 2000), servers (Windows NT Server, Novell NetWare, Linux, FreeBSD/BSDi), firewalls, e-mail gateways (MS Exchange Server) and WEB servers.

AntiViral Toolkit Pro has already been installed in several enterprises within the Ural Electric Power Pools business structure: United Control Headquarters, Votkinskaya Hydro Plant, Troitskaya Hydro Plant, and in other of the region's major electric establishments like Orenburgenergo, Permenergo.

"We are very satisfied with Prime-Paragon and Kaspersky Lab," said Vladimir Gorinin, Chief of Computer Department at "Orenburgenergo". "I believe these companies provide excellent technical support and we receive a rapid response to all of our queries".

"We are very excited that the corporate network of the Ural Electric Power Pools is reliably protected with AntiViral Toolkit Pro - the best anti-virus defence available in the market," said Konstantin Arkhipov, director of Prime-Paragon. " We are happy to be working with Kaspersky Lab, who provide the most advanced anti-virus technology and unbeatable customer service".

For more details about Kaspersky Lab anti-virus technology, or if you would like to buy the AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) please visit your nearest Kaspersky Lab partner.

You can purchase AntiViral Toolkit Pro online via the Internet.