Kaspersky Lab Int. opens office in South Africa

13 Feb 2000
Business News

Cambridge, UK, February 14, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int., an international anti-virus software vendor, announces the official opening of Kaspersky Lab's representative office in Republic of South Africa, Johannesburg.

The company, Kaspersky Lab South Africa, will be headed up by Robert Brown, formerly Sales Director of Dynamic Recovery Services, famous anti-virus and security company in the SA market. Mr. Brown has many years of experience in the anti-virus market in both South Africa as well as Southern Africa. He was previously in charge of Sales for the Dr Solomon's Software distributor in South Africa (before Dr Solomon's Software was bought out by Network Associates) and then Sales Director for Dynamic Recovery Services, a leading company in the anti-virus market.

Kaspersky Lab South Africa will launch with a direct selling model to Corporate clients in order to achieve a credible install-base. It will however support any Channel business, this being the ultimate goal of the company.

The underlying reason for the direct approach is to ensure that the extremely high standard of technical support exercised by Kaspersky Lab companies worldwide, is administered directly by Kaspersky Lab South Africa to its new customers.

Kaspersky Lab believes that outstanding service and support are key to building and maintaining a loyal client base. To this end Kaspersky Lab South Africa will be operating a 7 x 24 Toll-free Technical Support Line incorporating a Service Desk to log and monitor all clients' calls.

Once the facilities are up and running, Kaspersky Lab South Africa will offer the Channel an opportunity for training in order to facilitate the high standard of support offered elsewhere in the world. It is estimated that the time frame for a Channel model is approximately 8-12 months from inception. Kaspersky Lab's Anti-virus Toolkit Pro (AVP) will be released at an affordable price to all Corporates.

Natalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab CEO says "There are many reasons for opening Kaspersky Lab South Africa. First of all, after taking off the trade embargo, this is a potentially large market. We are very happy we could found such dedicated and high-professional team by leading of Mr. Brown. I am quite sure we can achieve great results dealing together. At the moment competitive situation in SA anti-virus market is very favour to a new vendor, what we really want to use. In addition to this we would like to form with Kaspersky Lab SA a hub to the Southern Africa region."

Robert Brown, the Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab SA goes on to state that he "sees AVP fast becoming the affordable workhorse of the South African Industry, providing Corporates with a reduced Cost of Ownership, as the product has consistently scored better than all other competitors in independent tests over the past year."

Brown further adds that "Kaspersky Lab SA intends to offer a special 'trade-up' offer for a limited period (until the end of June 2000) to convert any anti-virus licence to AVP for a 50% discount off the list price - a significant saving for any company."

Kaspersky Lab SA

39, 11th Avenue, Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27 11 712 4200
Fax: +27 11 786 8813