Kaspersky Lab Int. is establishing long-term commitment to the US anti-virus market

06 Mar 2000
Business News

Cambridge, UK, March 7, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int. - the only author, developer and global supplier of AVP (AntiViral Toolkit Pro) is now establishing major long-term commitment to sales and technical support of its rapidly growing American user community.

Apart from the long success of the AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) for DOS, Windows 3.xx, Windows 95 & 98, NT, and Novell, Kaspersky Lab are the only anti-virus company to produce unique products for: LINUX, FreeBSD and BSDi UNIX versions, in addition to the only multi-session OS/2 on-access scanner and advanced macro detection and removal for MS Office 2000 (www.avp2000.com). The LINUX version in particular is creating great interest within the LINUX application developer community.

Over the next two months this 10-year-old world leader in anti-virus technology will make it's presence known all over the USA. Starting with on-line sales services at www.kasperskylabs.com Kaspersky Lab received good customer feedback.

Ian Hale (ex-Dr Solomon's international business management and now MD of Kaspersky Lab International) stated the following: "We have been selling our advanced product in the USA for over 5 years, mainly through a single distributor and their on-line sales. Owing to the demand in the USA for our products, we are committed to opening our own facilities, to support existing users and launch our new range of leading-edge IT security software.