Kaspersky Lab Int. appoints new PR agency in the UK

04 Apr 2000
Business News

Marylebone Media Relations will be representing Kaspersky Lab in British mass media

Cambridge, UK, April 5, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int., a fast-growing international anti-virus software development company, appointed a leading British PR agency Marylebone Media Relations for conducting its PR activities in the UK.

"We are delighted to introduce our new partner in the UK. The first experience in team-working with Marylebone has proved their high business skills and professionalism. We have great expectations of our cooperation in promoting our anti-virus products on the British market," - said Tatiana Mramornova, Marketing and Advertising Director at Kaspersky Lab.

"Kaspersky Lab has an excellent product range for both the corporate and SME markets," commented Sara Claridge, Director at Marylebone Media Relations. "This combined with their dynamic management team will ensure that Kaspersky Lab becomes one of the leading anti-virus companies in the UK."

Sara Claridge
Marylebone Media Relations
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