And the Winners Are ...

26 Jul 2000
Business News

Find out who won, placed, and showed

Dear Inquisitive Kaspersky Web site Visitor,

We are delighted to inform you of the results of the Kaspersky Lab lottery held in observance of our company's 3rd anniversary. The drawing was held On July 26th, with close to 1000 people from around the world taking part. According to the conditions of the lottery, 54 participants provided the correct answers to the following questions:

  1. How many "Virus Bulletin 100%" awards has Kaspersky Anti-Virus received?
  2. What was the first macro-virus called?
  3. What was Kaspersky Lab's latest commercial anti-virus product?
    Kaspersky Anti-virus for Firewall
  4. When did Kaspersky Lab introduce its DAILY anti-virus database updates?
    March 2000
  5. When was the first issue of "Kaspersky Reports" published?
    31 May 1999

And the winners are:

  1. Sergey Nemnogov
  2. Dmitry Poukhov
  3. Victor Reshetin
  4. Jaroslav Povetkin
  5. Igor Smirnov
  6. Tatiana Boutsinskaya
  7. Roman
  8. Oleg Arkhipov
  9. Vitaly
  10. Sergey Boudnik
  11. Masashi Koike
  12. Max Glazatov
  13. Evgeny Korshounov
  14. Vladimir
  15. Alexander Maslov

The winners from first through fifth place receive Kaspersky Lab company logo umbrellas; those from sixth through tenth place receive company-logo business card holders; and the winners from eleventh through fifteenth place receive company-logo t-shirts.

Kaspersky Lab congratulates all of the winners and thanks all of the participants. If you were not lucky this time, check the Kaspersky Lab web site regularly, and you will have a chance to win more prizes in future Kaspersky Lab lotteries.