AVP for MS Office 2000 - "online" on the Internet!

16 Feb 2000
Business News

Visit WWW.AVP2000.COM and learn more about Kaspersky Lab's new breakthrough technology for the management of the macro-virus threat.

Cambridge, UK, February 17, 2000 - Kaspersky Lab Int. , an international anti-virus software vendor, announces the opening of a new WWW site WWW.AVP2000.COM dedicated especially to its new anti-virus solution AVP for MS Office 2000, powered by a unique technology, for the management of macro-viruses, AVP Office Guard.

AVP for MS Office 2000 is the world's first and only anti-virus software, which gives a true 100% guarantee against macro-viruses. This became possible because of the introduction of a new unique technology for macro control AVP Office Guard, which has been developed and consistently supported by Kaspersky Lab's best anti-virus experts.

AVP for MS Office 2000 also includes a "watchdog" virus interceptor for all the main MS Office 2000 applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), a plug-in filtration utility for e-mail programs and a flexible anti-virus protection administration utility AVP Control Centre. This product can also be used with MS Office 97 applications (except for MS Access 97).

WWW.AVP2000.COM contains extensive information on AVP for MS Office 2000, its main components and basic operating principles. It also includes extensive information regarding macro-viruses and methods of their prevention, detection and eradication. Trial versions of AVP for MS Office 2000 are also available to download from this site.

WWW.AVP2000.COM is the site where a user can buy this anti-virus software - online. Kaspersky Lab is offering (before April 15th) as a special introductory price for online sales, AVP for MS Office for only $9,95 (USD).

"The idea of AVP for MS Office 2000 is to decrease the vast number of infections caused by macro-viruses that comprise about 70% of all computer virus infections. Every day thousands of companies are being affected by them. We strongly believe that our new anti-virus product will totally eradicate macro viruses. And our new site WWW.AVP2000.COM will help us to deliver this breakthrough technology to the public. With a full guarantee against macro-viruses such as this product gives, we are sure it will be the most popular software on the market." - said Natalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab's CEO.