AVP worldwide is prepared for Y2K

15 Dec 1999
Business News

Kaspersky Lab Int., an international anti-virus software vendor announces the beginning of a special new world-wide support programme aimed at increasing readiness for possible virus attacks during Christmas and the New Year celebration.

"We don't expect to see attacks by the thousands of new "Y2K viruses" predicted by some anti-virus companies," said Eugene Kaspersky, head of anti-virus research at Kaspersky Lab, "but our technical consultants will be standing by ready to provide immediate support for any virus emergency anywhere in the world."

According to the programme, AVP support centres will be suitably prepared from December 24 till January 8 (the most dangerous period) in order to help users to prevent possible virus flooding and assist in case of virus infection. Kaspersky Lab's top anti-virus experts will continuously track the trend of events, release emergency updates if needed and provide round-the-clock advisory. AVP technical support around the world is already afforded with additional highly professional consultants, fulfilling their duty to give AVP users an immediate and trustworthy information service and support on any Y2K virus threat.

From December 31, 1999 till January 1, 2000 AVP technical consultants around the world will be available online for all computer users irrespective of the anti-virus product they use. We would be pleased to help you in any kind of emergency situation connected to computer systems dysfunction caused by computer viruses.

AVP Support Centres on Y2K virus threat