Oktoberfest Press Tour, 22-24 September: Kaspersky Security Symposium

Oktoberfest Press Tour, 22-24 September: Kaspersky Security Symposium

Kaspersky Lab held an Oktoberfest Press Tour titled ‘The Kaspersky Security Symposium’. The Company’s leading security experts shared their insights with media representatives from all over the world regarding the latest cybercrime trends this autumn. This took place in Munich, right next door to the Oktoberfest fairground, on 22-24 September, 2010.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO, Andreas Lamm, Managing Director, Europe and Magnus Kalkuhl, Head of the Global Research and Analysis Team, Europe, opened the event divided into three parallel themes: Cybercrime Technology, Cybercrime in Everyday Life and Cybercrime Versus the Law.

Cybercrime Technology:

  • “Surviving Targeted Attacks: Aurora, Stuxnet – What’s Next?” by Stefan Tanase, Senior Security Researcher, EEMEA, Global Research & Analysis Team (The essence of targeted attacks, Stuxnet know-how and social networking)
  • “Cybercriminals and Their Automated Tools” by David Jacoby, Senior Security Researcher, Nordics, Global Research & Analysis Team (Automated tools for Linux / Unix infection, mass defacement, botnets and drive-by downloads)

Cybercrime in Everyday Life:

  • “Rogue AntiVirus Uncovered” by Nicolas Brulez, Senior Malware Researcher, France, Global Research & Analysis Team (Discussing scareware with an AV look and technical support feel)
  • “The Underground Economy of Online Gaming Fraud” by Christian Funk, Virus Analyst, Central Europe, Global Research & Analysis Team (Virtual values for real money)

Cybercrime Versus the Law:

  • “Spam - Why is it so Diverse?” by Maria Namestnikova, Senior Spam Analyst, Content Filtering (Different flavors of spam depending on where you are from)
  • “Law Enforcement and Modern Cyberthreats” by Vitaly Kamluk, Chief Security Expert, Japan, Global Research & Analysis Team (The legal issues in the fight against cybercrime)

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