“Fast and Secure”, International Press Tour, Valencia, Spain


Kaspersky Lab hosted the international press tour “Fast and Secure” at Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe in Valencia, Spain. At the press event held in the city of the Formula One GP race, Kaspersky Lab’s top management gave a deep insight into company’s business and showed the event guests its partnership with Scuderia Ferrari in effect by hosting them in Ferrari motor home.

During the press conference held a day prior the race Kaspersky Lab speakers shared company’s future development plans with separate presentations on the current Internet threats landscape and technology trends, company’s market positions and business growth overview as well as product development strategy.

Opening the press event, Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, gave an insight into global security landscape and shared his vision on efficient measures of fighting against cybercrime in his presentation called “Insights into the Digital world: how to stay fast and secure?”.

“Both the number of Internet users and threats is increasing every year at a very high speed. Same as in Formula One world, the main issue here is to stay fast and secure,” said Eugene Kaspersky. “To effectively fight against the cybercrime there are three pivotal points of IT Security – leading technologies, mass education on how to behave online and legislation forbidding cybercrime. Having all that working altogether, Internet would become a place not for surfing, but for racing online! ”

Eugene Buyakin, Chief Operating Officer of Kaspersky Lab, gave an update on the company’s current market positions and shared future development plans. Commenting on Kaspersky Lab’s business expansion in his presentation called “Kaspersky Lab business growth: always on the success track” Eugene said:

“The business of Kaspersky Lab continuously grows on a global scale and at present we’re very close to a place in top three podium of endpoint IT Security vendors worldwide. Historically our business growth has passed through three main stages – in the beginning the company grew through technology licensing to other companies, then we conquered consumer market – our second wave of growth; and at present we’re experiencing good growth in corporate market. Speaking in “races language” I would say that we have passed through the “Challenge races”, aggressively driven into GT series and at present can be called an indisputable “Formula One” race team in global IT Security”

Petr Merkulov, Chief Product Officer of Kaspersky Lab, provided a detailed insight into Kaspersky Lab products development process and company’s further outlook to meet the emerging market trends. As by Petr, the current state of IT industry shows greater diversity of devices from which people connect to the Internet and higher mobility of these devices, which in its part creates more diversified portfolio of IT Security solutions on the marketplace. To meet these trends as well as many others outlined in Petr’s presentation, Kaspersky Lab bases its product development strategy on a unified approach that combines relentless expertise in R&D and deep understanding of customers’ needs.

“To ensure efficient protection from all types of Internet threats for our customers be they consumers or corporate clients at the first place we strive to develop user-centric IT Security solutions, - said Petr Merkulov, Chief Product Officer of Kaspersky Lab. “Our formula of success is based on developing IT Security products that comprise most relevant technologies to meet emerging IT trends on the one hand, and on the other – comprehensive and user-friendly for our customers”.