International Round 2011

Location: TUM, Germany, Garching, Boltzmannstr. 3

When: 14-15 April 2011, 9:30

Conference is FREE for participation.

The Kaspersky Lab student conference ‘IT Security for the Next Generation’ brings together the winners from three preliminary rounds held in Europe, Asia-Pacific and MEA, and Russia and the CIS. More than 200 students and professors from leading universities from around the world take part in the conference, along with representatives from Kaspersky Lab’s HQ and regional offices, the media and an invited audience.

The conference take place at the TUM, Faculty of computer science, on the great support of Prof. Eckert's -Chair for IT Security.

Since its inception in 1868, TUM has established its reputation as a foremost academic institution with 6 Nobel prizes and many other prestigious awards, making it repeatedly the number one German university in various rankings, including the most recent ones. Our university covers a large spectrum of fundamental and applied research with studies ranging from engineering, natural sciences, including life and medical sciences, to economics. Today TUM comprises 13 faculties with more than 25,000 students (about 20 percent of whom come from abroad), 460 professors, and roughly 6,500 academic and non-academic staff. TUM is thus well positioned to create new knowledge and know-how. In 2005 the federal and state governments started the socalled Excellence Initiative in Germany. Between 2006 and 2011 they will fund the expansion of top university research with up to 1.9 billion Euros in three funding categories: graduate schools, clusters of excellence and institutional strategies for universities. TUM was recognized as one of the first three universities that succeeded in all three categories. The corporate concept “TUM. The Entrepreneurial University” supports and advances the existing TUM strategy and promotes top-level research on multiple levels. In this context ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ means to activate the diversity of human talent in a concerted, interactive way. In terms of top-level research, it entails combining a maximum of individual freedom with a supportive administration.

Conference Topics:

Technical nomination

  1. Trends in Anti-Spam Development – Techniques, Methods in the “Spam Arms Race” and new Innovations
  2. Dangers of an increasingly Networked World
  3. 'In the Cloud' Security
  4. Future Technologies for Detecting and Combating Malware (e.g. artificial intelligence, fuzzy systems, p2p networks)

Social, economic and legal nomination

  1. Emerging Threats (e.g. social network security, embedded systems security, mobile security, online banking security)
  2. Challenges and Opportunities for IT-Security Companies within the next 10 years
  3. Impact of technologies on Data Protection, Copy and Intellectual Property Rights and Jurisdiction
  4. Education in IT Security - Trends and Questions

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