How to Pass a Telephone Interview

The HR Manager will usually contact you first by telephone in order to arrange a preliminary discussion concerning your current status, track record, your expectations and the desired position. Therefore when you send your resume, be ready to have a short conversation about your future employment.

If you receive a call of this nature when it is not very convenient to talk, schedule a time which will work best for you and the HR Manager. It is always best to minimize background noise and distractions when you are talking on the telephone, try to avoid speaking to the person whilst driving a car or in the company of other colleagues. If you didn’t manage to catch the HR Manager’s name, ask them to repeat it again. Try to be positive and open during the call.

During the phone interview you have a chance to find out some important information about the company and the position, for instance, the main responsibilities of the job, the reporting structure, opportunities for career progression, etc.

This short phone call can help both you and the company find out how much interest you have in one another, based on the main criteria of the role, and decide whether it is worth continuing with the application.

If you are invited for an interview, write down all the information that you received during the call: the name of the company, the HR Manager’s name, the details of the meeting and the contact details of the relevant people. Also you can ask for this information to be sent to your email address, along with the details of the vacancy. Review all the information when preparing for the interview.

Please note, the recruiting process may vary according to regional practices.

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