Compensation and Benefits

Kaspersky Lab maintains a competitive level of compensation for its employees, encouraging them to make a personal contribution to achieving the company’s objectives. Every employee’s compensation is directly related to the performance of the whole company, the results of his or her specific business division and the employee’s individual contribution.

In order to stay several steps ahead of the IT market and our competitors, the company monitors the labor market every year. The results of this monitoring enable the company to determine its compensation levels according to both the principles of internal fairness and external competitiveness.

Social Package

As modern life is so busy, healthcare and efforts to increase the quality of employees’ lives are very important to any company’s daily activities. As a socially responsible employer, Kaspersky Lab pays careful attention to the healthcare and welfare of its employees – both when they are at work and outside the office, developing and constantly improving our compensation programs.

As part of its benefits package Kaspersky Lab offers programs aimed at:

  • encouraging health and wellbeing
  • helping employees cope with life-changing events
  • promoting work-life balance programs

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