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27 Aug   Virus News

Beware! Viruses Now Attack Cartographic Programs

Kaspersky Labs, a leading information security expert, reports the detection of the very first virus to infect MapInfo (one of the most popular programs for cartographic and geographic analysis) tables. The MBA.First virus is activated when infected MapInfo tables are opened. Once launched,...

22 Aug   Virus News

Don't Let Sobig.f Fool You

Sobig.f tricks and discredits innocent users

22 Aug   Virus News

Free Removal Tool For Welchia And Sobig.f

Kaspersky Labs, an international data security software developer, is supplying computer users with a free-of-charge utility that neutralizes both the "Sobig.f" and "Welchia" network worms. The removal tool detects active worm copies of either virus residing in computer memory, deactivates them...

21 Aug   Virus News

Good Viruses Simply Don't Exist

"Welchia" only offers a false sense of security The appearance of the "Welchia" network worm has provoked lively debate over the legitimacy of malware programs that battle other malware. Unfortunately many users have failed to properly weigh the relative benefits and disadvantages of...

20 Aug   Virus News

Sobig.f Breaks All Records

The sixth version of the Sobig worm has been out in the wild for only one day, but the epidemic has already spread all over the world. Anti-virus analysts at Kaspersky Labs confirm that the resulting epidemic is the most serious within the last year and a half. Only Klez identified in October 2001...

19 Aug   Virus News

Welchia - The Anti-Virus Virus?

Viruses Battle Each Other On The Internet For Supremacy

19 Aug   Virus News

Beware! Yet Another Version of Sobig Is On The Loose

Kaspersky Labs, a leading expert in information security warns users about a new modification of the Internet Worm Sobig. Analysts at Kaspersky Labs have received reports about this malware from Europe and Russia. The new version of Sobig is very similar to the prior versions: the first...

15 Aug   Virus News

Lovesan FAQ's

Detecting and Disinfecting Lovesan...

14 Aug   Virus News

Free Lovesan Removal Tool

Kaspersky Labs, a leading expert in information security offers a free utility for disinfecting computers attacked by Lovesan.

13 Aug   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Warns All Users: A New Version of The Lovesan Worm Is On The Loose

Kaspersky Labs, a leading expert in information security, reports the detection of a new modification of the notorious "Lovesan" worm (also know as "Blaster")...

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