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New Kaspersky Lab technology regulates access to corporate network resources

12 Feb 2013
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The experts at Kaspersky Lab have developed and patented a technology capable of controlling access to resources on a corporate network or segments of it using an administration agent installed on a dedicated computer. If malware is detected on a computer, any threat it poses to the security of the network is neutralized by restricting or completing blocking its access to the corporate network. The technology is protected by patent No. 2460132 issued by the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

Patent description

A recent survey conducted by B2B International in conjunction with Kaspersky Lab revealed that cyber-threats are currently seen as one of the biggest problems facing companies, with over 50% of respondents ranking them among the top three business risks. More often than not, these threats originate from malicious programs. Many of them not only infect individual workstations but can spread across the local network threatening other endpoints and hampering the overall performance of the IT infrastructure. Incidents like this can also lead to the loss or theft of critical business data.

The new technology envisages a company’s work computers being protected by a Kaspersky Lab product such as Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business. The initial stage sees the technology perform an inventory and determine the corporate network’s topology. The data it gathers is then used to calculate a productivity rating for all the workstations on the local network. The most powerful computer becomes an administration agent and is responsible for subsequent communications between Kaspersky Security Center and the anti-malware solutions installed on the workstations.

Thanks to the administration agent, Kaspersky Security Center can control the access a workstation has to resources on the corporate network and to the Internet. If there is a threat of infection on any computer, the anti-malware solution notifies the administration agent, which in turn sends the relevant data to Kaspersky Security Center. The affected computer’s access to network resources is blocked. At the same time, the company’s system administrators are notified about the threat and can take immediate action to neutralize it.

The latest technology brings to over 60 the number of patents Kaspersky Lab holds in Russia. The company’s entire patent portfolio now includes over 120 patents granted by the relevant authorities in the US, Russia, China and Europe.

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