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Kaspersky Lab announces new, integrated anti-spam and anti-malware solution to protect Linux-based mail servers

05 Sep 2012
Product news

Kaspersky Lab announces the availability of Kaspersky Linux Mail Security – a new corporate solution that is easily integrated into a variety of Linux-based mail server configurations to efficiently fight spam and block malicious attachments. Based on new anti-spam and anti-malware technologies as well as the new zero-hour approach to fighting unsolicited mail, Kaspersky Linux Mail Security promises a detection rate of 99.70%1 or higher, plus the lowest ever rate of false positives. It also addresses the growing danger of targeted attacks on businesses, most of which start with a seemingly harmless email message being sent to the user. Thanks to the innovative ZETA Shield technology, Kaspersky Linux Mail Security is able to detect and block emails containing malicious exploits, including new and unknown ones.

“Kaspersky Linux Mail Security one of the most advanced corporate email protection solution, which can be deployed on the existing mail server and managed with ease. This addition to our family of mail server protection solutions is particularly important, because we have introduced a number of extremely efficient technologies designed to fight spam and malicious attachments, and capable of stopping targeted attacks before they cause any damage. These technologies, representing our key advantages in the field, will be introduced in other solutions as well,” commented Petr Merkulov, Chief Product Officer, Kaspersky Lab.

An intelligent response to threats

Kaspersky Linux Mail Security introduces a number of new features and technologies, which bring an overall increase in performance and efficiency:

  • New antivirus engine – a major advantage of the new solution. It blocks malicious emails fast, with better detection rates and reduced impact on resources. As well as standard anti-malware detection, it now includes an updatable heuristic analyzer to better combat new and unknown threats.
  • ZETA Shield – an important addition to the Kaspersky Linux Mail Security anti-malware system, this technology is capable of detecting and blocking complex exploits contained in malicious emails. Working together with the new antivirus engine, it provides advanced protection from targeted attacks, including those utilizing new and unknown vulnerabilities in common software.
  • Attachment Filter and Format Recognizer – new features designed to monitor and filter email attachments according to the company’s security policy. This is an easy-to-implement solution to block inappropriate email traffic (like music files and videos) and potentially dangerous files (for example, executable files). Format Recognizer analyzes files by content, blocking unwanted mail regardless of the declared file type or extension.
  • Urgent Detection System 2 – a cloud-based security system which helps to maintain two-way communication between Kaspersky Lab’s customers and the company’s experts. It allows Kaspersky Linux Mail Security to request a verdict on suspicious email, while keeping the contents confidential.
  • Reputation Filtering – the jewel in the crown of our new anti-spam technologies, Reputation Filtering utilizes Urgent Detection System 2 to categorize potential spam according to reputation. This new method will block a new spam attack, even if the text of the message has been altered slightly. What is completely new is that Reputation Filtering makes it possible to block certain spam attacks rapidly, without the need for an analyst review.

Zero-hour approach

One distinct feature of spam-related cybercrime is the “hit and run” nature of most attacks. Roughly half of any spam assault is delivered inside the first 10 minutes, meaning response times have to be just as fast. That is what Kaspersky Lab’s new solution has achieved, by integrating intelligent technology with a new Enforced Anti-Spam Update Service, offering rapid delivery of anti-spam database updates to the customer. This technology brings the client closer to Kaspersky Lab’s spam analysts: anti-spam database updates in Kaspersky Linux Mail Security are now prepared and delivered in seconds, instead of minutes. This allows most spam to be quickly and efficiently blocked. 

New integration options

Kaspersky Linux Mail Security works as an anti-spam/anti-malware solution in conjunction with widely adopted Linux-based mail servers, including Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail, Communigate Pro and Exim. The new solution from Kaspersky Lab is also compatible with the AMaViS software bridge between a mail server and the anti-spam solution, which further expands compatibility with messaging platforms.

Other new features include support for IPv6, rich traffic management rules and the potential for integration with Active Directory and OpenLDAP. The automatic notification system and support for integration with third-party monitoring software keeps administrators informed about the security status of the mail system at all times.


Thanks to the advanced technologies behind the new solution, Kaspersky Linux Mail Security performs exceptionally in independent tests. A recent review by the experts at Virus Bulletin showed a record detection rate of 99.7% in anti-spam testing, up from 99.15% for the previous generation solution. The number of missed spam messages decreased by 70%. Internal Kaspersky Lab reviews show strong results in malware detection as well – thanks to ZETA Shield technology the new solution blocks 60% more malicious emails than most of the competition. 


Kaspersky Linux Mail Security is available now for Kaspersky Lab’s corporate clients as part of Kaspersky Security for Mail Server. This package also includes other mail security solutions from Kaspersky Lab, with a single price for platforms such as Linux, Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino. Kaspersky Linux Mail Security will replace the previous generation of solutions for Linux mail servers, including Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Mail Server, Kaspersky Anti-Spam and Kaspersky Mail Gateway. To learn more about the product, visit Kaspersky Lab’s official website or contact your local company representative.

1 According to Virus Bulletin Anti-Spam Comparative Review, July 2012 http://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/pdf/kaspersky_linux_mail_security_vbspam_2012_test.pdf

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