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Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite Now Available for Free on Android Market

12 Dec 2011
Product news

Your smartphone is as likely to be lost or stolen as your wallet, bank cards or house keys – and that means the data on your phone could fall into the wrong hands. Now Kaspersky Lab presents a new product to secure that data from prying eyes – absolutely free of charge! Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite, only available at Android Market, offers a basic level of protection for your Android OS phone. A recent European survey carried out by Iris found that one in five smartphone users have lost their devices, or had them stolen – can you afford to be without protection?

Obviously, if your phone is stolen the thief will have access to all the personal data on it. That could give him new opportunities to steal your money. However, the Anti-Theft feature included in Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite will stop the thief in his tracks. A stolen phone can be blocked simply by sending a special text message to the device. All the folders containing personal information (contacts, logs, text messages, mail, calendars etc.) can also be wiped clean in exactly the same way. Moreover, by activating the FIND feature, the location of the stolen phone can be tracked on Google Maps. Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite also allows users to filter out unwanted calls and text messages.

For those who are particularly concerned about the security of their smartphone – those who use their phones to store lots of valuable information, interact with social networks and send mail or instant messages – it is highly recommended to take a closer look at the paid version. It offers a broader range of features including real-time antivirus protection, on-demand and on-access scanning, and regular antivirus database updates via GPRS or Wi-Fi.

By upgrading to the paid version of the product, you receive an Anti-Theft module with more features, for instance, SIM Watch which can block the phone as soon as the SIM card is removed. The Privacy function also becomes available. It enables records in the telephone log, SMS folder and other similar information to be hidden from anyone who may pick up your phone.

Upgrading to the paid version could not be easier and can be performed from the interface of the free version. All your settings will be saved.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite, like the paid version, is available in 13 languages. The retail price of the paid version in your region can be found at Android Market.

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