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Kaspersky Lab Granted New Patent in the US

09 Nov 2011
Product news

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, announces that it has been granted a new patent in the USA. Patent № 8051485 covers a system and method for optimization of an anti-virus scan process. The task of scanning the system and files for possible infections is a common task for both corporate and consumer anti-virus software; therefore, high performance in this task is one of the key requirements for a successful security product.

The newly patented technology tracks which files on a computer have been modified in order to avoid scanning those that have already been evaluated and deemed legitimate. A special database is used that contains information on the modified files. The patent covers the method of synchronization of this database with the anti-virus module in order to increase performance.

The technology is especially useful for corporate products, which work with a large number of files, for example - on a file server. These large volumes of data increase the possibility of a delay when a database on the updated files is synchronized with the anti-virus driver. Special types of journals and a method of caching are utilized in order to eliminate this delay. When specific files are modified, information about these events is cached, and, after a short time interval, is moved to the journal. Eventually the data from the journal is integrated in the main database. This process is designed to be performed in the background, without putting an additional load on the anti-virus solution and driver.

At present Kaspersky Lab has been granted 85 patents covering its advanced technologies in Russia, the United States and China. Another 130 patent applications are currently being examined by the patent offices of the US, Europe, Russia and China.

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