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Kaspersky Lab Appoints Nikita Shvetsov as Acting Chief Technology Officer

22 Apr 2014
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Kaspersky Lab has appointed Nikita Shvetsov to the position of acting Chief Technology Officer of the company, effective from April 22, 2014. As acting CTO, Nikita will lead Kaspersky Lab’s R&D team and will be responsible for the strategic development of the company’s overall technology and product portfolio. In his new role Nikita will ensure the company continues to strengthen its position in the enterprise security market by delivering efficient security solutions.

Nikita Shvetsov brings more than a decade of experience in IT security to this role. After joining Kaspersky Lab in 2004 as a virus analyst, Nikita became a senior developer working on emulators for the heuristic engine in 2006 and then held the post of Director of the Anti-Malware Research Unit. Prior to being appointed acting CTO, Nikita served as Vice President of Threat Research and Deputy CTO (Research), taking charge of the strategic direction of Kaspersky Lab’s threat prevention technologies. Under Nikita’s leadership, Kaspersky Lab’s products and technologies won a number of prestigious awards and achieved top protection ratings in independent reviews.

Nikolay Grebennikov, the former CTO, is leaving the company.

“R&D is a key department in this company, and its importance cannot be overestimated. It develops our products and services, and is our main source of expertise and intellectual potential. Nikolay led the department for five years and in that time it has turned into a large industrial development organization. I would like to sincerely thank Nikolay for the work he has done and for his contribution to the development of the business,” commented Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab. “I am certain that the new appointment will enable the company to achieve even greater successes, significantly expand the product line and strengthen our position as a leading vendor in the enterprise security market.”

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