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Kaspersky Lab and Tele2 to offer efficient protection against mobile malware in the Baltic states

06 Sep 2013
Business News

In response to the ever-growing range of threats facing the many users of mobile devices running Android, Kaspersky Lab and Tele2 are now offering reliable protection to their customers in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia with a new product - Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.

“We are starting to sell Kaspersky Internet Security for Android in response to new threats for devices running on Android. Anyone who has encountered mobile malware can tell you how much a proper security solution is needed. As more and more people use smartphones and mobile Internet services, the number of people needing this protection will only grow,” said Tele2 CTO Ervins Kampans.

Tele2 offers the new Kaspersky Internet Security for Android from the highly-regarded security vendor Kaspersky Lab. This new product is easy to use and provides premium protection against even the very latest Internet threats with minimal impact on the performance of devices. Users can go online to download apps, surf the web, bank, shop and keep in touch with social networks knowing they will be kept safe. If an Android mobile phone or tablet is ever lost or stolen, it’s easy to protect data and find the missing device even if the SIM card is replaced.

“Kaspersky Lab statistics show about 7 million malicious software packages targeting Android devices. That’s 99% of the total number of mobile threats. Behind the figures, there are people’s money and personal data. We are happy that, in partnership with Tele2, we can offer users in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia an effective and affordable mobile security solution. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android will allow them to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet and make the most of their mobile devices without suffering security problems”, said Andis Steinmanis, Kaspersky Lab’s country manager for the Baltic states.

Tele2 makes sure that protection against malware is accessible to everyone; that’s why the service is offered at a low monthly price, there is no need to purchase an annual license and the service can be discontinued at any time. All customers with a bill-pay contract with Tele2 can order the service via SMS.

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